Wicked Smart Webinar is Changing to a Podcast!

We will continue to share Wicked Smart content with you, but we won’t be delivering like we have over the past 18-months

Want To Stayed Updated As We Get Closer To Launching?

Frequently asked questions:

Why did we make the change?

  1. We have 60+ years of experience in creating amazing audio content so we want to focus on our strengths so we can serve you best.
  2. Zoom fatigue is REAL!  We’d rather give you audio content you can listen to while you are on the go vs having another virtual meeting to attend.

When will the podcast be launched?

  • We will launch the podcast later this quarter, on or before November 1st, 2021

What can we expect from the podcast?

  • We are creating a binge worthy content series designed to help you focus on the fundamentals of marketing.  Our first season will focus on the 8 Steps to Small Business Marketing Success.  

Can we watch previous episodes of the Wicked Smart Webinar?

The Latest Wicked Smart Webinar

Want To Stayed Updated As We Get Closer To Launching?

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We created the Wicked Smart Series to connect the local businesses that Mid-West Family serves to amazing content that will help them improve upon their businesses.

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